GlobalCover - Protection for you and your family

The GlobalCover range offers the very best in international medical insurance for anyone in the world with or without compulsory home country coverage.
Whatever your country of residence, we can provide you with comprehensive cover, which is guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

GlobalCover premium calculation (one year contract term), select a plan:


General Information:

GlobalCover - The international health protection package

The benefit of our GlobalCover range means, you can adapt your international medical insurance package depending on your needs and budget.

We provide four different plans within the GlobalCover range, which have been designed to cater for individuals and families depending on their needs and budgets:

  • AcciCover – accident cover
  • HospiCover – hospitalisation for sickness or accident
  • EveriCover – comprehensive cover to control your budget, with dental and maternity as an added benefit should you need it
  • ExecutiveCover – extensive cover

  • The GlobalCover range is ideal for families or local nationals who are looking for a range of flexible cover.

    Some of the key features include:

    • hospital, ambulatory, obstetric and dental cover world-wide
    • an excess system which gives you a discount of up to 60% on the highest premium
    • assistance services tailored to your stay away
    • coverage of expenses up to CHF 4,000,000 per insured and per insurance period
    • reimbursement of medical expenses within 10 days once your file is fully completed

    Members Benefits

    GlobalCover features five Options: EveriCover, EveriCover Plus, ExecutiveCover, HospiCover and AcciCover

    The Benefits Table below details information about EveriCover, ExecutiveCover, and HospiCover.

    AcciCover provides you with the same level of cover as HospiCover, but only if your condition has been caused by an accident.

    EveriCover Plus offers the same level of cover that EveriCover does, but also provides up to CHF18,000 for pregnancy and childbirth. The policy also offers up to CHF1500 for routine dental treatment.

    To download and print this Table of Benefits, please click here

    A variable geographical protection zone

    Area 1

    Allows you to enjoy full benefits worldwide, except in North America, Canada, and the Caribbean, where benefits are applicable if the two following conditions are fulfilled:

    • Your stays, in one or other of these countries, do not exceed 30 days per period of insurance, all of these countries combined
    • Your trip to any one of these countries was not made with the intention of seeking medical care

    Area 2

    Allows you to enjoy full benefits worldwide

    Citizen from the USA and Canada residing in their home country cannot subscribe to our plans.

    To benefit from Area 2, your stay in the USA and Canada are temporary and not permanent.


    We provide an excellent claims service, which will provide you with the right answers and relevant care - fast.

    You and your family will have access to Golden Care’s 24 hour emergency medical assistance number, which is provided by our partner Medic-Air International.

    Medic-Air International is managed by doctors who specialise in dealing with medical emergencies. They are located in Paris and Shanghai and have access to a worldwide medical network.

    We can offer:

    • Reassurance and helpful advice – fast
    • Pre-authorisation, which will allow you to receive the treatment you need
    • Emergency medical evacuation if medical facilities where you are located are not available
    • Multilingual advice or assistance
    • Help find suitable healthcare providers, such as doctors and dentists in the area you are located
    • Freedom to choose your own healthcare provider
    Golden Care Contracts are designed and managed exclusively by our Group.