StudentCover - Maximum foresight during your studies

Student years are a privileged time of our lives, filled with a wealth of joys and discoveries. A health problem can easily occur during this period.

StudentCover premium calculation (one year contract term)

Coverage: Zone 1


General Information:

StudentCover - Accident and Illness Protection

If you are a student, StudentCover can offer you access to the best healthcare worldwide in the event of an illness or accident, whatever your nationality, country of origin, location and duration of studies.

The StudentCover range :

  • worldwide services covering out-patient treatment and hospital stays
  • worldwide assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • immediate coverage in the event of accident or hospitalisation
  • for school students and students up to the age of 41
  • coverage limit of CHF 1,000,000.- per event
  • deductible of CHF 75.- per illness
  • no deductible in event of accident

StudentCover characteristics are :

  • internships lasting a few months during professional specialisation courses
  • average length trips forming part of international exchanges
  • long-term stays at technical colleges, universities or management schools
  • year-long schooling at institutes or private schools

Advantageous premiums :

GoldenCare StudentCover premiums are designed in relation to student budgets.

For educational establishments :

Do you need global coverage for all the students attending your establishment Contact us to benefit from customised group rates.

Member's Benefits

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An international protection zone

Allows you to enjoy full benefits worldwide, except in North America, Canada, and the Caribbean, where benefits are applicable if the two following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Your stays, in one or other of these countries, do not exceed 30 days per period of insurance, all of these countries combined
  • Your trip to any one of these countries was not made with the intention of seeking medical care


We provide an excellent claims service, which will provide you with the right answers and relevant care - fast.

You and your family will have access to Golden Care’s 24 hour emergency medical assistance number, which is provided by our partner Medic-Air International.

Medic-Air International is managed by doctors who specialise in dealing with medical emergencies. They are located in Paris and Shanghai and have access to a worldwide medical network.

We can offer:

  • Reassurance and helpful advice – fast
  • Pre-authorisation, which will allow you to receive the treatment you need
  • Emergency medical evacuation if medical facilities where you are located are not available
  • Multilingual advice or assistance
  • Help find suitable healthcare providers, such as doctors and dentists in the area you are located
  • Freedom to choose your own healthcare provider
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